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Prolights EclProfile CT+

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Pixie WashXB reinvents the concept of the moving LED wash light, bringing together the classic styling of a traditional wash luminaire and applying the very latest innovations in the field of LED technology.

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Prolights EclProfile CT+ High quality six colours LED ellipsoidal, tunable white and colour mixing

EclProfile CT+ is a high quality, six colour mixing LED ellipsoidal. Designed to reach the finest quality of light for white tones and colour spectrum, its custom LED array and powerful on-board colour control allows to reach bright and high-quality whites, up to 97 of CRI, keeping a consistent output and ensuring a total control of the light. The wide feature set includes special theatrical functions such as tungsten emulation on dimming, colour gels, virtual CTO and studio  functions, such as +/- green correction on linear white CCT.

Main Features:
* Linear white CCT from 2.800 K to 10.000 K with CRI up to 97.
* RGB / CMY / HSI / XY / RAW colours control of the six colours LED array for easy access to any desired colour.
* Industry standard colour gels matching, tungsten emulation on dimming, tint control (+/- green).




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