Leveraging a rich legacy of innovation pioneering the entertainment industry’s most iconic lighting solutions, Vari-Lite offers an end-to-end portfolio of advanced, energy-efficient LED luminaires, data, architectural control, consoles, and power solutions that the world’s top lighting designers and consultants rely on to create unforgettable looks that amaze. This includes spectacular rock and roll shows, sporting events, moving dramatic performances, spiritual worship experiences, and memorable film and TV productions – at venues large and small.

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Vari-Lite NEO X15 Lighting Control Console

26999.00 $26,999.00 $21,599.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite NEO X5 Lighting Control Console

19999.00 $19,999.00 $15,999.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL3600 Profile IP Moving Light

17699.00 $17,699.00 $14,159.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL10 Beamwash Moving Light

15429.00 $15,429.00 $12,343.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL2600 Profile Moving Light

14999.00 $14,999.00 $11,999.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL1600 Profile Moving Light

14599.00 $14,599.00 $11,679.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL2600 Wash Moving Light

13999.00 $13,999.00 $11,199.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL6500 Wash Moving Light

13599.00 $13,599.00 $10,879.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite NEO Lighting Control Console

14549.00 $14,549.00 $10,777.04
Sold By: Vari-Lite