Leveraging a rich legacy of innovation pioneering the entertainment industry’s most iconic lighting solutions, Vari-Lite offers an end-to-end portfolio of advanced, energy-efficient LED luminaires, data, architectural control, consoles, and power solutions that the world’s top lighting designers and consultants rely on to create unforgettable looks that amaze.

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Vari-Lite NEO X15 Lighting Control Console

26999.00 $26,999.00 $21,599.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite NEO X5 Lighting Control Console

19999.00 $19,999.00 $15,999.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL3600 Profile IP Moving Light

17699.00 $17,699.00 $14,159.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL10 Beamwash Moving Light

15429.00 $15,429.00 $12,343.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL1600 Profile Moving Light

14599.00 $14,599.00 $11,679.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL5LED Wash Moving Light

12599.00 $12,599.00 $10,079.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite VL800 EVENTPROFILE Moving Light

9999.00 $9,999.00 $7,999.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite CODA LED Full Color Mixing (RGBALC) Cyc

3849.00 $3,849.00 $3,656.55
Sold By: Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite Aurora 12 Full Color RGBALC LED Bar

4009.00 $4,009.00 $3,207.20
Sold By: Vari-Lite