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Vari-Lite NEO Lighting Control Console

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The introduction of the NEO lighting control console marks a new chapter in the evolution of control.

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The introduction of the NEO lighting control console marks a new chapter in the evolution of control. This console allows the ability to seize light; to grab, move, change position, color and motivate the lighting design simply and effectively. The NEO lighting control console is the closest that a designer can get to actually touching the light; encompassing the dreams and aspirations of both professionals and amateurs alike. The NEO lighting control console starts with the inclusion of many time saving features, allowing the user to program faster and more accurately

Icons and Shutter controls are represented graphically on the display, saving time and presenting meaningful data to the operator. Floating Windows allow the operator to configure their views their way, making it easier to find information. Effects are revolutionized, with “Time Line” features, allowing drag and drop to create that perfectly timed sequence.

The show is even secured on a “Mission Critical” grade SQL server, ensuring no data loss in those critical moments. Boot time is massively reduced with high speed solid state disk drives, making the NEO lighting control console robust for everyday and touring use.

With individually controlled back lit keys, motorized faders, user security system, pixel mapping and media playback: we think you will find the NEO lighting control console a worthy successor to a proud history of iconic consoles that have had the honor of bearing the Strand name.

In the Box:

Console dust cover
Universal voltage power supply
IEC Cables for US, Europe, and Asia
(2) console lights
Quick start guide
USB Key with console documentation
Monitor not included

• Up to 100 universes of DMX per console

• 10 motorized submasters

• Motorized A/B playback faders

• 5 motorized multi-function faders

• Dual motorized grand masters

• Individually controlled backlit keys

• 4 Indented push encoders

• Color LCD screens for encoder assignment

• Keyboard drawer with storage and USB 3.0 ports

• Touchscreen capable interface

• Unlimited Cues, Cue Lists, Groups, Palettes, Effects, and Macros

• Tempo Button

• Tracking and Cue Only programming modes

• Flexible Shortcut System

• Generic Palettes

• Time Line Effects

• Pixel Mapping

• Media Playback

• Multi-User

• Tracking Backup

• User security system (login)

• Timed Events with sunrise/sunset

• Telnet Interface

• Web Server Hosting

• Android / iOS Remotes

• Undo History

• Visual Timecode Editor

• Power Monitor

• Color and Position Paths per Cue

• Blind Pre-Visualization

• Magic Sheet Layout

• 4 DMX Out Ports / 1 DMX In Port / 2 Network Ports

• 2 VESA Display Ports

• MIDI Out / In

• SMPTE Out / In

• USB 3.0 ports

• 2 XLR Ports for Console Lights

• Tablet Storage


Every NEO lighting control console also benefi ts from the all new Strand Advantage DMX model. This concept allows you to patch Vari-Lite, Strand, Selecon, Showline and Color Kinetics brand luminaires without consuming the console’s purchased DMX outputs. It does not matter if you own or rent the luminaires; as long as the one of the supported brands. With Strand Advantage DMX, you can control thousands of luminaires at no additional cost or output license limitations.



Leveraging a rich legacy of innovation pioneering the entertainment industry’s most iconic lighting solutions, Vari-Lite offers an end-to-end portfolio of advanced, energy-efficient LED luminaires, data, architectural control, consoles, and power solutions that the world’s top lighting designers and consultants rely on to create unforgettable looks that amaze. This includes spectacular rock and roll shows, sporting events, moving dramatic performances, spiritual worship experiences, and memorable film and TV productions - at venues large and small.


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