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Vari-Lite C21 Power Through 1.8kW (15A) Dual SSR/Relay Module With Bypass Option And Status Reporting, 500uS, 120V

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The C21 Power Thru 1.8kW Dual SSR/Relay Module from Strand Lighting represents the next step in future-proofing a new or existing dimming system for incandescent, solid state, or moving lights.

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The C21 Power Thru 1.8kW Dual SSR/Relay Module from Strand Lighting represents the next step in future-proofing a new or existing dimming system for incandescent, solid state, or moving lights. The modules are interchangeable within a C21 Dimming System Rack, allowing complete circuit allocation flexibility. IGBT, SSR, and Non-Dim modules may be mixed in the same rack when using a hybrid lighting plot of traditional fixed lights, moving lights, or LED luminaires that need a relay controlled straight power circuit.

For modern installations, power-through bypass modules provide a 500 µs risetime Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) dimmer in conjunction with a mechanical bypass relay for each dimmer. Each module has two individual recess mounted switches that allow for a manual switch between dimmer and relay functions, so that there is never a mistake about how the system is set up.


  • On/Off relay activation through the control system
  • Dim/Non-Dim switch on the face of each module
  • Power Thru modules are dual density
  • Dual back-to-back SCRs for each circuit
  • 500 µs rise-time toroidal filters
  • High-density modular assembly front of module (set to DIM or ND)



Leveraging a rich legacy of innovation pioneering the entertainment industry’s most iconic lighting solutions, Vari-Lite offers an end-to-end portfolio of advanced, energy-efficient LED luminaires, data, architectural control, consoles, and power solutions that the world’s top lighting designers and consultants rely on to create unforgettable looks that amaze. This includes spectacular rock and roll shows, sporting events, moving dramatic performances, spiritual worship experiences, and memorable film and TV productions - at venues large and small.


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